#CHAMPAGNELIFE, Saatchi Gallery


Our intern, Melissa paid a visit to the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea – a constant source of inspiration. The innovative forum for contemporary art is famed for showcasing works by largely unseen young and international artists, whose work is rarely been exhibited in the UK.


“I was really excited In particular, my aim was to see the CHAMPAGNE LIFE exhibition, which showcasess some really extravagant, humanistic and modern pieces of art.

“As I went into the galleries of the exhibition’s maze, I was welcomed by fantastical art forms which filled the gallery with awe. I was overwhelmed by the myriad of simple things that can be transformed into art just by looking at them from a different perspective. Each artist’s work is neatly and elegantly displayed in a spacious room with nothing but its four white walls as the background. This gave me a sense of serenity and peace that not only enhanced my walk down the galleries but also helped me empathise more the artists behind the artworks.”


“I saw many curious pieces, from a pair of wax-made human beings (Virgile Ittah) to pieces of colourful plastics, perfectly tangled amongst themselves and folded into a wall (Julia Dault). However, there were some that really caught my attention both artistically and intellectually, such as those by Jelena Bulguc, Maha Malluh and Julia Wachtel.”

image4[1] copy

“These artworks stood out to me because of their ability to transmit reminiscence of family, culture, tradition and modernity in the most abstract of ways. Overall, it was a great experience to have spent a little of my Saturday afternoon amongst the creative, imaginative and above all, artistically minds of some undiscovered yet talented young artists.”


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