Marvellous Mechanica #LCW2016


Artists Martin Smith, Nik Ramage and Jim Bond (with the help of designer-makers from Plymouth University) built a series of kinetic devices to form an intriguing mechanical installation in The House of St Barnabas in Soho. Taking devices like marble runs, Newton’s cradles, trebuchets, catapults, loop-the-loops and roller coasters as their starting point, the artists and students designed and built mechanical devices that move ping pong balls in an inventive and unexpected way across the chapel and into a beautifully crafted hopper. We were fascinated by how quirky and unusual the objects they used were, the entire process really showcased the creative engineering of crafting and invention.

Also displayed in the chapel was a selection of some of the most iconic Cabaret Mechanical Theatre pieces. Here are some highlights…


‘The Big Wave Machine’ by Peter Markey (1983), it was one of the first pieces he made for Cabaret Mechanical Theatre. Peter’s father was a fisherman, and as a child, Peter spent many hours watching out to glimpse his father’s boat coming home safely.

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