Odd Matter’s Odd Stuff #LCW2016


During London Craft Week, we visited the Odd Stuff exhibition by Odd Matter Studio at Oxo Tower Wharf. This exhibition showcased inspirations and objects by the Dutch and Bulgarian design duo, including new work that has never been seen before in the UK. It also highlighted the designers’ creative process, their diverse methodologies and imaginative ways. Works we saw include; ‘Deposit 2014’, a project inspired by the natural phenomenon of depository rock formations; ‘Overnight 2013’, a collection of stained glass lighting made with ‘grown’ copper and; ‘Node 2015’, an intuitive schematic lamp project that describes its function and bares its workings.

Odd Matter is celebrated for its playful sculptural objects that explore the attributes of design. The studio often experiments with shapes, materials and new technologies through a process-lead approach that push conventional techniques to present new ways of understanding everyday objects and the world around us.



















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