SilverSpeaks: ‘Hold’ Silver Handling Session #LCW2016

The second edition of London Craft Week, once again, showcased incredible craftsmanship from around the world. From 3 – 7 May, our team went on a journey of discovery visiting some of the 130 events on offer around the capital.

As we made our way through workshops, studios and galleries, we were thrilled to discover how the artisans we met brought imagination, skill and passion to their craft.

One of our highlights was Silver Speaks: ‘Hold’ – Silver Handling Session at The Goldsmiths’ Company Library.


This intimate silver handling session led by Contemporary British Silversmiths members, Rod Kelly and Angela Cork, gave participants the opportunity to explore how silverware is made.

The session began with a detailed overview of how apprentices were inducted in the 19th century and how closely guarded skills were passed onto them from their masters. We were shown the apprentice handbook, which documents the rules, stipulations and the “promise” made by the masters to teach the apprentices “by the best means” how to become goldsmiths.



We also learned about modern day silversmithing from Rod Kelly. He showed us the Jubilee Dish that he made for The Queen’s diamond jubilee while he talked us through his making process. He emphasised that “there is no substitute for experience and the age old techniques are often best compared to modern technologies.”




‘Hold’ is part of Silver Speaks, a year long programme of exhibitions, events and conversations designed to show how silver can enhance contemporary living, architecture and fashion.

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