The London Coffee Festival



Coffee, tea, chocolate, pastries and all things coffee-related, united this weekend at the annual London Coffee Festival. This year, approximately 250 exhibitors gathered to share their own unique blends and creations for attendees to sample and indulge. Our charismatic interns, Megan and Gabby, along with 35,000 other coffee-lovers experienced the diverse London coffee scene.


From espresso machines to pour-overs, the sky was the limit for the vendors at the Festival. We ventured through the maze of exhibitors tasting and sampling everything there was to offer.


The Roasting Shed, from East London, was a favourite of Megan’s. A single shot of espresso made from a blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans provided a well balanced and smooth sweetness.


Teavana, now owned by Starbucks, had one of the larger exhibits complete with several interactive stations: tea leaf blending, tea and fruit infusing, and taste-testing. Gabby enjoyed infusing berry tea and mangos with the help from a Teavana expert.


Hotel Chocolat opened “The School of Chocolate” exhibit to educate all attendees on how they effortlessly infuse chocolate and coffee, one of the best combinations. Samples included mocha teas and chocolate covered espresso beans.


Nearing the end of Megan and Gabby’s journey through the Festival, Coffeegram provided a delicious sample of their rare Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Overall, the London Coffee Festival was well-worth it. “We would definitely recommend it to anyone, from coffee connoisseurs to amateur coffee drinkers. It was an amazing cultural experience.”





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