The Opera L’Etoile

The Opera L’Etoile at the Royal Opera House, London

Saturday February 6, 2016.

Our Press Director Sandie Maylor was lucky enough to be invited to a performance of L’Etoile at the Royal Opera House on Saturday evening. 

View of Set[4] copy

View of  the set

The opera L’Etoile by the talented Emmanuel Chabrier was quite different to any other opera I had previously been to. It had elements of farce, combined with disguise and intrigue throughout. It was a complicated plot, but in amongst the confusion was modern day humour and spectacular music, as well as very creative stage sets. What I hadn’t realised is that the friend that invited me, had a friend in the cast –  the main character! American Kate Lindsey was brilliant in the lead role of the young male pedlar Lazuli. Her presence was felt whenever she was on stage; as her characterisation and mesmerizing voice stood out a mile. Having had dinner in the Royal Opera House’s restaurant before the show, we were able to go backstage. 

View from orchestra pit[3] copy

View from orchestra pit

We made our way through the autograph hunters who were already waiting outside for Kate at the stage door,  and were very lucky to be given a behind the scenes tour, including the orchestra pit, which had a great view right out across the Opera House. We also had a peek in Kate’s dressing room! It was a fabulous night that challenged my preconceptions of opera and may even instigate further visits!

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